Septiembre 2011

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Fortalecimiento Comunitario

Survey of Jewish Latin American Communities' Opinion Leaders
The Survey of Jewish Latin American Communities’ Opinion Leaders is about to conclude collecting all the data required. It was done with the cooperation of 412 members from 20 countries, which largely exceeded our expectations.
The answers and opinions were obtained on line and will contribute highly valuable information for the development of Jewish communities. Based on this data, various aspects of the Jewish present and future will be understood, with a focus on general national topics, community organization and leadership, links between Jewish communities and the State of Israel, religious and cultural aspects, and the perception of anti Semitism.
We thank all current and past members of executive boards, donors, executive and program directors, rabbis of different religious denominations, school principals, editors and owners of community newspapers and journals, scholars and intellectuals. Their participation will enhance Jewish community development in our continent.

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The Joint and Sao Paulo´s Federation held a workshop on the future of the Jewish community of Sao Paulo
Following an initiative proposed by the Joint, the Jewish Federation of Sao Paulo, CONIB (Confederación Israelita del Brasil) and Hebraica leaders and activists of the Jewish community met at Hebraica for two days to attend the seminar "Future Scenarios of the Sao Paulo Jewish Community".
Under the guidance of Alberto Senderey, Director of the Joint for Europe and Latin America, American and Spanish professionals presented a new methodology, developed by the University of Oxford (England) for community planning for the next 20 years.
At the opening, Boris Ber, President of the Federation, Arturo Rotemberg, President of Hebraica, and Gaby Milevsky, Representative of the Joint in Brazil, expressed their satisfaction with the attendance, and the relevance of this exercise.
In Boris Ber’s words "This kind of tools will enhance our understanding of Jewish issues in coming years, reflecting more in depth and not in one’s own entity”.
The seminar marked the beginning of a number of activities coordinated by the Federation and the Joint to collect relevant information for community planning.

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Argentina Argentina Argentina Argentina Argentina Argentina Argentina
Aruba / Colombia / Costa Rica / Curacao / El Salvador / Honduras / México / Panamá

Curacao: annual meeting of the UJCL
From May 24 to 26 the annual planning meeting of the Latin American and the Caribbean Union of Jewish Congregations (Unión Judía de Congregaciones de Latinoamérica y el Caribe - UJCL) was held in Curacao with the participation of volunteers and professionals from Surinam, Mexico, Costa Rica, Aruba, El Salvador, Colombia, Honduras and Panama.
The list of the attending communities illustrates how diverse and rich this organization has become in late years, and the challenge involved in maintaining the appropriate communication system given its geographic size.
Associate Director Jorge Schulman was the facilitator of the planning session.
Work was aimed at achieving the right communication among social entities.
The impact new technologies have on youth was recognized, as well as the need for the UJCL to be actively present in the social networks. The relevance of keeping updated on the new communication skills that youth use.
Finally, participants –together with Curacao Community leader René Maduro- had the opportunity to visit some key places related to the history of the Jewish people on the island and Latin America, such as the “Mikve Israel-Emanuel” (Snoa) synagogue, the first in America and the oldest that has been permanently open since 1732, whose floor is made of sand. There is also a museum on the premises.

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Leon Pinelo School: counseling visit
The Joint is counseling the León Pinelo School (Peru) on pedagogical issues. Dr. Rivka Anijovich is in charge of the task, and is working with the head of the school and its Executive Board.The León Pinelo School, the only one of the Lima community, has 374 students: 98 in kindergarten, 153 in Elementary level and 123 in High school.

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cuba Costa Rica

A community in constant development
During the week of June 20 to 24, training and consulting activities were carried out with different organizations of the Costa Rica community.
Joint´s Associate Director Jorge Schulman was in charge of this event together with the local office of the B’nai B’rith chaired by Lic. Marcelo Burman and with the collaboration of Lic. Myriam Lipszyc, who several years ago was the Deputy Director of LEATID, Latin American Training and Research Center for Jewish Institutional Leadership.
The institutions and groups that attended the event are: Centro Israelita Sionista, Bnei Israel, Deportivo Israelita, Keren Kayemet Leisrael, Keren Hayesod, Comité Escolar y Pro Weitzman, B’nai B’rith of Costa Rica, Wizo and Wizo Jai Sara Rose.
It should be noted that the Costa Rica community is extremely active and in the last few years has launched a major building renovation plan at the Centro Israelita and the Weitzman School. This attests to the community potential and its desire to enhance the infrastructure in order to offer better educational and social services.

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cuba Argentina

Leatid: Volunteer training workshop in Buenos Aires

On August 23rd, a Volunteer training workshop was organized by LEATID and it was a complete success. With 120 participants from various community institutions of Argentina the workshop, comprised 9 classes along 4 hours, took place in a relaxed atmosphere of exchange and learning.

Guest faculty were:
Michael Novick  –Joint’s Executive Director of Strategic Development– in charge of the class on “Fundraising”;
Marcelo Beer –General Manager of Epise Argentina– discussed “Conflict resolution”;
Daniel Pomerantz –Executive Director of AMIA– presented  “Management Indicators”;
Hernán Nadal –Director of Public Mobilization at Greenpeace Argentina– whose class referred to “Organizations 2.0”;
Marcela García –B.A. in Psychopedagogy  and teacher– taught a class on “Communication”.

In the second module, besides “Fundraising II” by Michael Novick, the following conferences were held:
–“Creative Ideas”, by Eduardo Krestol, B.A. in Psychology and consultant in the field of creativity and innovation;
–“Team work”, by Patricia Kahane, Deputy Director of LEATID.
– “The leader-organization contract”, by Diego Freedman, Director of LEATID.

LEATID wishes to thank the faculty, participants, and all those who sent positive comments that reinforce the need to organize these types of training workshops that we have been promoting for years.
Many thanks!

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cuba Cuba

Jewish Community of Cuba: First National Seminar on Liturgy and Religious Services
At the end of August the First National Seminar on Liturgy and Religious Services was held in Havana. Over 30 representatives of the 7 communities existing on the island, and the synagogues of Havana took part, with great enthusiasm and interest in an intense week of learning and exchange.
Rabbi Shmuel Szteinhendler was in charge of this seminar.
Also, on this occasion, collaboration was received from Alberto Behar, Tatiana Asis and Daniel Motola, all of them active members of the Havana Community and religious leaders of Patronato de la Comunidad Hebrea and the Sephardic Center.
We thank them all for their presence and we hope this will be the first of many other meetings to continue building community.

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Fortalecimiento Comunitario

Limud Keshet Buenos Aires: 2011 edition

On Sunday June 26 the fourth edition of Limud Buenos Aires was held. 650 persons, of all ages and religious affiliations, shared a multidisciplinary and pluralistic study meeting with simultaneous sessions, workshops, art and debates.

Some of the lectures and workshops were:

1. And Noah, who does he think he is? The Flood as seen in literature.
2. Is there a Jewish art?
3. Compulsive gambling in the Jewish community.
4. We, old time lovers: Israel, Zionism and the left-wing. From love to militant hate.
5. Biblical cuisine.
6. Judaism in women’s prisons.
7. Israel, Jewish State and democracy, is it possible? 
8. Isaac’s sacrifice in the light of the three sacred texts: Torah, the Scriptures, and the Koran.
9. The G’d of Spinoza: heresy or prophecy?
10. Mamma’s sweet chrein.
11. Borges and the Jews.
12. Children broadcast radio programs.
13. What is sacred in love, from the Tanakh to our times.

Limud is an independent project born in England 30 years ago; it is currently held in over 20 cities all over the world. It is characterized by the fact that it is led by volunteers who coordinate and support the whole project. In Buenos Aires, it is managed by a team of 50 people, of varied ages. Every year, more children, elderly adults, youths, and families are attracted to take part; a colorful and diverse group wishing to share this festival of Judaism in a framework of respect and diversity.

To view images and videos of Limud Buenos Aires 2011: www.limudkeshet.com.ar

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A day to get even closer
We are pleased to announce that this year the second edition of the Global Day of Jewish Learning will take place on Sunday, November 13.
On November 7, 2010, Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz ended his monumental
translation and commentary of the Talmud (it took him 45 years to complete the 45 volumes), which was celebrated with a ceremony in Jerusalem. To mark this achievement, Jews from around the world met in their communities to study Jewish texts.
The purpose of the Global Day is to convene the Jewish people once a year and celebrate our foundational texts as a community. Last year’s event was a major success, with over 400 communities participating in 48 countries.
The 2011 Global Day of Jewish Studies will focus on the unity of the Jewish people through the words of the Shema, its characteristic prayer.
This year, registrations will be online. To register your community click here. For queries, contact cynthiag@jdcla.org or call (0054 11) 4827-7544/46
We hope you will join us too!

More information: www.theglobalday.com

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Programas Sociales


Tzedaka Foundation marked its 20th. Anniversary and the Argentine Senate recognized its major social contribution

Tzedaka Foundation’s traditional Annual Dinner was held on August 10. Also marking its 20th anniversary, the event attracted over 2,000 entrepreneurs, journalists, community leaders, donors and youths committed to solidarity. The new president Ariel Sigal took over the position from Darío Werthein, who chaired the foundation since 2007.
On a different note, last Tuesday July 12, at the Salón de las Provincias of the Argentine Senate in Buenos Aires, an Act to recognize Tzedaka Foundation for its fight against poverty in Argentina was held. We are pleased to congratulate Tzedaka Foundation on such an honor and on its first 20 years of existence.

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Argentina Argentina / Uruguay

Uruguay- Argentina: an exchange experience
Last July, professionals of the Montevideo and Buenos Aires Communities’ Social Departments organized an exchange meeting in Montevideo, Uruguay.
They were informed about the CAIF Children’s Program (Centros de Atención Integral de la Infancia) that links state and civil society projects. Some of the workshops were for nursery schools, health care services and families.
The professionals were welcomed by Susana Mara, Program director, and other members of the team.
During the meeting, participants visited some of the 300 centers the Program manages around the country. The experience was very valuable, and different joint work activities and training proposals were defined for the future.

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Argentina Uruguay

Uruguay: new President of Tzedaka Foundation
To mark the assumption of Andrea Wysokikamien as the new president of Tzedaka Foundation - Uruguay, a cocktail was hosted. Volunteers, professionals and leaders of community institutions were invited.
At the event, Jorge Stainfeld, past president of the organization, was thanked for his commitment and devotion. He will continue working as treasurer.
The Foundation also thanked the Joint for its wholehearted support.

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