May 2012



We are pleased to announce that registration has started for the 12th Meeting of Leaders of Latin American and Caribbean Jewish Institutions and Communities, to be held in Quito, Ecuador, from November 7 to 11, 2012, at the J W Marriott Hotel.
As in previous years, this event will attract hundreds of volunteers and professional leaders of community organizations in Latin America, the Caribbean, U.S. and Israel.
Once again we will create an ideal environment to reflect and find concrete answers to the challenges our people faces in a complex global reality.
Those interested in participating may visit the meeting website: www.encuentro-jdcla.org
Remember that you can contact us by mail through encuentro12@jdcla.org

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Argentina  / Chile / Uruguay

From March 23 to 28, members of the Latin American Joint Board visited the communities of Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires and Montevideo.
The group was chaired by Martha Freedman (President), Robert Mann (Vice-president), Howard Schultz and Jane Weitzman (former presidents) of the Latin American Committee, along with other leaders.
In order to update the scenarios of different communities, talk with volunteers and professional leaders, and get to know the organizations and their main programs, the group visited the following institutions:
In Santiago, Chile: Dr. Chaim Weitzman Hebrew Institute, Seniors' Center  Villa Israel, Circulo Israelita de Santiago, and the  Ariel  Job Center.
In Buenos Aires: Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina (AMIA), Tzedaka Foundation, Tel Aviv School and Community, and Seniors' Center LeDor VaDor.
In Montevideo: Jewish Nursing Home and Tzedaka Foundation.
Members of the group, which met with the leaders of those organizations, shared meetings and visits with beneficiaries of different programs.
Each time, the group got an overview of the activities currently being implemented in the institutions, and the challenges they face.
For both participants and organizations, the visit was a unique opportunity for dialogue and exchange.
We wish to thank all those who welcomed the visitors in their institutions and helped turn this into a big success.

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Ecuador / Perú


In January and February training activities were carried out in the Jewish schools of Lima and Quito.
Under the umbrella of various programs conducted by the Leon Pinelo School of Lima to enhance its academic quality, Rivka Anijovich (Joint consultant in education) trained the school teachers on how to develop thinking skills.
Training workshops were held at the Einstein School of Quito with principals, coordinators and department heads about developing metacognitive skills throughout schooling. Also meetings with teachers to further develop the approach to diversity.
Around 70 heads and teachers attended the various activities.

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On February 12, 2012, responding to the request of the Asociación Israelita  Montefiori (AIM) the Joint organized in Bogotá a workshop on institutional diagnosis and how to draft strategic guidelines for coming years.
It was an intense activity chaired by Mr. Ram Tapia, Joint Consultant for Colombia, attended by about 50 AIM activists and leaders.
The diagnosis led to identifying the current situation of the AIM Community: its major strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. This was necessary in order to reach  consensus and define the basic lines of action, which from a strategic perspective, guaranty the Community development.
In addition, meetings were held with the Boards of the Centro Israelita de Bogotá, the Beit Avot of the city, the Sephardic Jewish Community, the Colombo Jewish School and Maccabi Colombia. Among the topics discussed, the Joint proposed to organize a one day workshop  for the boards of all the kehilot and institutions that make up the Jewish Community of Bogotá. This initiative had already been requested to the Office for Latin America.

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From March 12 to 14 the Joint Consultant for Bolivia visited the three Jewish Communities of the country, located in La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz.
In meetings with the  Boards of the three institutions, current issues affecting the country were discussed, along with their potential impacts, the situation of the communities and the actions that can be put in place to support and reinforce them.
The first result of this visit to Bolivia was a joint meeting of the three Boards, to define common issues and pursue their mutual benefit in various areas by coordinating and strengthening the links between communities.

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On Sunday March 25, "YOK, Judaism Your Way" organized a new edition of  Urban Pesach in the square located at Armenia and Costa Rica (City of Buenos Aires).
Society at large was invited to celebrate one of the most important festivities of the Jewish calendar. About 20,000 people attended and shared a day of celebrations with different proposals for all ages: talks about the content of Passover, live Klezmer music shows, interactive games for the whole family, a crafts fair, and Passover products with the traditional Jewish cuisine taste.
The core of the event was the transmission of the story of Passover and its values: emphasize the sense of freedom, diversity and integration. Games were designed for parents and children; 1,500 people participated, an artistic Keara (the Passover ceremonial  platter) explaining each of its elements and their meanings. Participants were also given a publication about Passover produced by YOK with thoughts on what it means to be free today, the value of questions, and texts by different authors to read and think about on the Seder night.

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Since last December, the new course on Religious Adjustment has been taking place, with over 80 people who meet once a week and learn contents on Judaism, Hebrew, traditions,Torah and other topics related to the culture of our people.
The course is taught by local teachers under the supervision of the Joint representatives Luciano Jaimovich and Alejandra Kotliar, and Rabbi Shmuel Szteinhendler.
Also with regard to training, at the beginning of May will take place in Havana the first National Hebrew Course for the teachers of the Albert Einstein Sunday School and all those involved in teaching Hebrew in the interior of Cuba. This course will be taught by Patricia Seiferheld, who was formerly the Joint representative on the island and now works as a professional in the Jewish Community of El Salvador. The Joint wants to thank the leaders of that Community for their generosity in allowing Patricia to participate, honoring the principle of our tradition that says:"Kol Israel arevim ze laze."
On a different note, five young people will travel to Poland and Israel together with a group of Argentines to participate in a new edition of the March for Life. On their return to Cuba, they will share this intense experience with the rest of  the Community.

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S.O.L is the Vocational Guidance Service of the American Joint Distribution Committee offering effective responses to the employment requirements of Jewish professionals and to the needs of Latin American and European community institutions.
The program aims to:
- Contribute to the growth and development of every community by improving their management
- Assist towards a successful integration of the professional in the organization.
- Efficiently hunt for the right profile for the position.
It is sometimes difficult for institutions to match professionals with new positions; also professionals are sometimes unaware of the job opportunities offered by different communities. That is precisely where S.O.L. plays its role, building bridges between them.
To date the program has published 344 searches, almost all of them successful. We constantly receive new requests for recruitment and new Resumes that are added to our database.
Our database includes over 2,500 Jewish professionals from Latin America, Europe and Israel, and is organized to search by area and by position.
- Areas: formal education, non-formal education, culture, marketing, I.T., press, and management.
- Positions: Executive Director, rabbi, area or department director, program coordinator, morim, program assistants.
This program is supervised by Human Resources experts
All the information received is kept strictly confidential.
To access the service, professionals can send their resume to sol@jobariel.net, Institutions are asked to email the job description of the position to be filled so we can start work.

Please look at our program and disseminate our service in your community, to leaders and professional colleagues
If you have not yet done so, you can contact us:

By email: sol@jobariel.net
Phone: (0054911)1541738824 or ( 005411) 4-827-7570
We are ready for you!

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